About us

CAL-C Computer Institute, Kartarpur is the Licencee Center of Punjab Infotech Since From May 1999 and  has been providing training programs to meet the challenges of computer revolution With The Name of CAL-C Computer Education (PUNJAB INFOTECH). CAL-C has developed a set of certificate courses each for long duration and short duration. The long term courses vary from duration of six months to Two years and metamorphose a teenage student into a thorough a team of highly polished computer professionals. The special short term certificate courses vary from one week to twelve weeks duration including (120 Hrs. Computer Program Recoganised for Various Govt. Jobs) and are specifically job oriented.
CAL-C Computer Institute is breeding computer professionals right from the initial stages of a students career. which offers a sound and friendly atmosphere for different students receiving intensive Coaching and Tutoring in a variety of subjects. Our school and college programs address the needs of those people who want to achieve complete mastery over their subjects.
CAL-C Computer Institute 
deals in all the streams of education- INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. It has got a pool of well qualified professionals from different fields who work diligently in finding out various ways of helping its students in gaining good percentage of marks in their respective subjects.
CAL-C Computer Institute makes students proficient in various technologies including HTML, CSS, Java, C, C#, XML, SQL, .Net, JSP, PHP, Linux, VB, Red Hat Linux, Oracle, Advance Java & others.